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How Mediation Can Help You


Mediation may be the answer for you if you are involved or will be involved in domestic litigation.  If you want to try avoid litigation and come to an agreement without the hassle and cost of a legal battle, mediation might be an option for you.  The goal of mediation is to work toward an outcome that both parties can live with instead of fighting a legal battle that may drain you and your resources.

How Does Mediation Work?


When you arrive, you will be seated in your own conference room, and the other party will be in another conference room.  One of our attorney mediators will visit back and forth between rooms to communicate offers from the other side as well as draft a settlement agreement as terms are agreed upon.

What Happens After Mediation?


 If a complete Settlement Agreement is  reached, both sides will sign the document before leaving.  Either of you will have the ability to file with the Family Court and seek a Judge's approval of the agreement you have reached.  If you are uncomfortable navigating the court process on your own, our staff will be able to refer you to local attorneys who are willing to seek court approval of your agreement for a flat fee.

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